5 June 2008

Collection of NY radio single mixes

-5 Times the Rhymer- Deuces Wild
- Children's Story- Slick Rick
- Give The Drummer Some- Ultramagnetic MCs
- Into The Future- MC Rell
- Jack of Spades- BDP
- Rhythm is the Master- Chuck Chillout & Kool Chip
- Self-Destruction- Stop The Violence Movement
- Set The Pace- Skinny Boys
- The 900 Number- The 45 King
-The Ruker's Back- Slick Rick
-Time to Rhyme- Chuck Chillout & Kool Chip
- Christmas in Hollis- Run DMC
- Dana Dane is Coming to Town- Dana Dane
- Get Down- Derek B and DJ EZQ
- Going Way Back- Just-Ice
- I Cram To Understand You- The Def Beat- MC Lyte- Dana Dane
- I Get Rough- Mikey D
- Just Rhymin with the Biz- Big Daddy Kane and Biz Markie
- Move The Crowd- Eric B and Rakim
- Parkside 5-2- Schoolly D
- Ragamuffin Hip-Hop- Asher D and Daddy Freddy
- Talkin Loud- MC Tee and Lord Tasheem
- This Cuts Got Flavor- Latee
- Top Billin' Teddy Ted Rmx- Audio Two
- Who the Cap Fit- Shinehead
- Bridge is Over and Brooklyn Blew Up The Bridge mix-BDP and MC Mitchski
- How I'm Livin- Black, Rock & Ron
- Red Alert is a Great Man- MC Mitchski
- Shamalama and promo- King Doe V
- The P is Free- BDP
- The Ruler's Back- Slick Rick
- Unknown- SS2
- We're Troopers- BZ2 MCs
- Behind The Bush- Jungle Brothers
- Ev'rybody Loves a Star- Doug E Fresh
- Girls I Got Em Locked-Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud
- High Time- Hardcore
- It Takes Two- Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock
- Let The Funk Flow- EPMD
- Microphone Fiend- Eric B & Rakim
- On The Run- Jungle Brothers
- Paper Thin- MC Lyte
- Stop The Violence- BDP
- Wrath of my Madness- Queen Latifah
-Ain't No Half-steppin-Big Daddy Kane
-Don't Believe The Hype-Public Enemy
-Dynamite-Masters of Ceremony
-I'm Gonna Do You-Jungle Brothers
-Murder-Busy Bee
-Night of the Living Baseheads-Public Enemy
-Plug Tunin-De La Soul
-Poison-Kool G Rap and DJ Polo
-PromosSB88-Put Your Hands Together-Eric B and Rakim
-Set it Off-Big Daddy KaneSB88-The Doo Doo-Biz Markie

BDP - Jack of Spades (Chuck Chillout Show 1989)
Marley Marl Megamix (Red Alert Diss)
RUN DMC - Christmas In Hollis (Marley Marl Show 1987)
Ultramagnetic MCs - Give The Drummer Some (Chuck Chillout Show 1989)
The Message - WBLS Supermix
DJ Chuck Chillout-Deuces Wild
DJ Chuck Chillout-Public Enemy-Mix
DJ Chuck Chillout-Run DMC-Mix