26 April 2008

Great old school live shows (but out of scope of this blog....)

Some old school'ers just go on and on and on and on....
Here are some 'old school' shows dated 1990 or later

Kurtis Blow & grandmaster flash: live in budapest: 1993 (12 tracks)
Kurtis Blow live in NYC: 1995 (12 tracks)
Grandmaster Flash - Live @ Jackin Fridays, Zentra Chicago 06-10-2006
dj kool herc live a Broadway Joe's, Buffalo, 2000 (4 tracks)
Public Enemy n°1 live in NY Recorded live in 1992
Chuck Chillout Show- 107.5 WBLS- Funkmaster Flex- April 1990
Big Daddy Kane's birthday party 1990
Cold Crush - Live in manchester (UK 7-15-05)
Grandmaster Melle Mel & Scorpio (unknown date and location)
Cash Money vs Godzilla Club Harlem Tokyo